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Enercon, a renewable energy company's vision and business model are entirely aligned with the objective of addressing climate change. However, to better address the persistent challenge of limiting global warming, the company consistently strive to enhance their sustainability practices. Enercon is actively working towards reducing its emissions across its operations, revealing details in its Sustainability Report 2022.

The excerpts provide information on Enercon's current carbon emissions and GHG emissions. The company's total emissions of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) under scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 amounted to 2,027,432 tons CO2e during the reporting period. Scope 1 registered 24,056 tons of CO2e, encompassing direct emissions stemming from fuel combustion within the company. Scope 2 recorded 31,189 tons of CO2e, representing indirect emissions associated with purchased energy like electricity and district heating. Meanwhile, Scope 3 emissions, totaling 1,972,187 tons of CO2e, span various categories including purchased goods and services, business travel, upstream transportation and distribution, as well as downstream transportation and distribution. The company aims to expand its reporting on Scope 3 emissions in the upcoming years to encompass end-of-life treatment of sold products and employee commuting. The company is also actively calculating and evaluating emissions from various sources, including energy consumption, waste generation, and water withdrawal.

Enercon evaluates all materials used at its production facilities for Volatile Organic Components (VOC) and implements measures to reduce VOC emissions. The company is committed to maximizing the local benefits of wind farms and supporting initiatives that contribute to local communities.

In terms of achievements, Enercon reports that new installations of its wind turbines in 2022 avoided emissions of 53,149,229 tons CO2e. The company's carbon footprint now covers international administration, installation, service, and production. Enercon also emphasizes its commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of communities where it operates.

In conclusion, Enercon is actively working towards achieving a continuous reduction in its GHG emissions. Enercon has implemented measures to lower emissions and has achieved significant emissions reductions through the installation of its wind turbines. The company is committed to sustainability and community engagement.

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